Monday, October 15, 2012

Notebook covers with craft paper

My children wanted to cover tablets and have their very own notebook.  So I let them chose and design it.  You can find some ideas here.

 As for me I use modge podge or double stick tape.
Have fun!

Child's cape

I made this Captain America cape for my son since we could not find the red one that you can obviously see we have found.

Here is the helpful site that I followed to make it.  It was so easy and simple.  I made mine double sided and used snaps for the connection.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More on my Garden

Pinneaples take several years to fruit.  Mine finally have a flower coming out.  Yay!

My compost box/box garden
It was doing so well it ended up being my box garden.  Anything I grow in it goes wild.  The Hawaiian chili pepper plant took off and I have too many for my taste buds.  The Kalo is also taking root and I harvested some leaves already and made a beef stew.

(M-ala: means garden)

New Box Garden
Since my previous box garden did so well, minus the bugs, I decided one more would be great.  This time I have poison for the bugs.  But the way our yard is there is no flat surface.  So my husband built me a beautiful rock wall from the rocks in the yard after digging out the grass and made a wall.  He is great!

New Compost
And since the box compost became the box garden, we decided to invest in a real compost and we love it.  There is no back log of compost able material anymore.  Our worms are nice and fat.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Floor do over

We excitedly ripped out the carpet.  We had five days to get it all done to surprise my mom.  this would be her Christmas gift.

My kids loved the new big space to play in.

And since the carpet was out, we decided to fix the leaky roof too and change out the drywall.

So here is the new drywall.

The new floor before we put everything back in.

It was so easy and fast.  We used the no glue flooring.  All you need is double stick tape.
So easy and fast. My mom loved her surprise and it is much easier to clean the kids mess after each meal.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I have been up to!?

 I haven't been up to much according to my pics.  But I did make my kids Halloween costumes and crafts for my primary children and Faith in God girls.  Even threw them a party.

But by far the greatest thing I did was have this bundle of joy.  He was born Dec. 4th at 8lbs 8 1/2oz and 21 1/2in.

It's a boy!

That about sums it up.

After which we redid our dinning room floors.  To be viewed in another post.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sewing and stuff

I have been back to sewing.  This pregnancy has left me very nauseated and has not been fun.  But I am back on the band wagon.

I made a bib.

Another hoody towel.

And we worked on Sanding this Ohia log for a post on the porch.

I hope more is to come.  We have been having so much fun.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


We made covers for our Primary out of Pillow cases.  Will blog about that later.  But for the lack of color variations at Walmart and price.  It was cheaper to buy a sheet then it was to buy the pillowcase.  And they were always out of the size I wanted.  So I decided to buy the sheet and sew one.  But then I was left with lots of material.  So what should a crafty person do!?

Make a Dress!

 I had bought a pattern for my daughter and could not find the right material to use.  And I have been itching to sew.  So this came at a perfect time.  I sewed her this dress and she loves it.  It was so fast and easy.

But I still have another dilemma.  I still have more material!  What to do?

Make a Shirt! (Am I crazy!?)

Still more material!
Matching Scripture Bag! (Now I have gone crazy...)